18 Year Old Nigerian Narrates How She Was Deceived, Beaten & Forced Into Prostitution in Italy


italyAn 18-year-old Nigerian lady identified only as Victoria, who was allegedly conned into prostitution in Italy, has narrated her ordeal in the hands of her traffickers.

Victoria explained how her unnamed trafficker promised her a better life and education and she was lured into prostitution in Italy. She stated this while speaking with a British Television network, ITV, from a small cafe house in Turin, which is a shelter for rescued Nigerian prostitutes.
According to her:

“They promised me an education. They promised me if I came with them I could go to school and get a good job in italy.
“I had no choice, I had no choice, I had to pay him… I was like a prisoner,” Victoria emphasized, adding that, “I was forced into prostitution: making money for trafficker to pay off my endless debt to him.

“I’m thankful for the shelter and place of safety provided to us, but just a few weeks ago I arrived in Italy by boat via the regular route of thousands of Nigerian women.

“My 2,500 mile journey became an epic of exploitation and abuse. By the time we got to Libya, I had been beaten and forced into prostitution: making money for my trafficker to pay off my now endless debt to him,” victoria added.

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