5-year-old Girl Sketches Heartbreaking Moment When She Was Raped by a Priest (Photos)


111A mother and father in Brazil have discovered heart-breaking sketches drawn by their 5-year-old girl showing how she was allegedly raped by a priest.

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DailymailUK reports that the parents had taken her to a child psychologist after she became withdrawn and refused to attend any more of her English classes taken by 54-year-old Father Joao da Silva.

222It was the psychologist that suspected sexual assault and urged her parents to search their child’s room for any signs that may give them a clue. To their greatest surprise, they found six heartbreaking drawings by their daughter’s sexual abuse, concealed in one of her books.

One drawing shows a man seemingly looming over a child who has a look of utter terror on her face. Another upsetting image apparently shows a girl lying on a bed with a man forcing himself between her legs. Underneath him the picture appears to show the girl screaming in fear.

The girl’s furious father confronted Father Joao da Silva in the city of Montes Carlos, Minas Gerais in Brazil who confessed to the crime. When the father confronted the priest in a phone call, he told police, the cleric confessed to him.

Karine Maia, from the Delegation for Stopping Crimes Against Women pressure group, told local media: ‘We found six drawings among the child’s belongings.’ Police say the priest is in custody being interviewed over child abuse allegations.

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