Actor IK Ogbonna Defends His Decision to Wear Earrings


ikkIn an interview with Vanguard, popular Nollywood actor, IK Ogbonna defended his decision to wear earrings and get tattoos. When asked about the moral behind wearing earrings, he said:

“Who invented earrings? God didn’t create earrings but girls are wearing earrings. .

“These are things that people created overtime and then it became a norm and then people accepted it. So someone shouldn’t just look at you and say “Oh you’re a man, you shouldn’t wear earring. If you feel comfortable wearing earring, wear earring and worship God. .

“If you feel comfortable having a tattoo, have a tattoo and worship God. There are people that don’t have tattoos on their body but they preach hate, they preach lots of hate. So let people focus more on major primary issues instead, and not IK Ogbonna’s tattoos and earrings. I’m going to keep my tattoos and earrings for as long as possible. I might even give my son an earring to wear.”


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