Bookworm: Meet The Man That Holds 16 University Degrees (Bachelor’s and Masters)


​Luciano Baietti, awarded “The more graduated man in the world” by the Guinness Book of World Records, poses under some of his university degree in his house in Velletri south of Rome on February 7, 2017. New world record for the 70-year-old Luciano Baietti, a former school administrator and professor of physical education, which received his 15th university degree, this time in tourism sciences. In 2002, Baietti had already entered the Guinness Book of World Records for having achieved 8 university degrees. Now has come to its 15th, confirming the more graduated man in the world. / AFP PHOTO / Alberto PIZZOLI

Boffins eat your hearts out: the world record holder for the number of university degrees is a cheery but truculent 70-year old Italian.

Luciano Baietti lives in the town of Velletri in the Alban Hills near Rome and spends his days pottering around his small house and garden.

But at every morning at 3am he pulls out his textbooks and starts studying.

He now holds 15 bachelors or masters degrees from universities across Italy, and is already embarking on his 16th.

“Thanks to books, I feel free, dammit,” he tells AFP.

“After all, the words share the same root,” he says, referring to the Italian words libro (book) and libero (free).

The certificates proving his prowess hang on the walls of his study, framing a portrait of the 19th century French essayist, Louis-Francois Bertin, whom he cites as an influence.

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