Boy, 9, wWho Was A Chain Smoker At Age Of 2 Kicked The Habit To Focus On School


​At the age of two, Indonesian boy Aldi Rizal was sending shockwaves around the world by identifying as a chain smoker. Rizal, who is from a village in Sumatra, Indonesia, smoked up to 40 cigarettes a day in 2010 while nonchalantly riding his toy truck.

Fortunately, Indonesian health authorities intervened and put him on a rehabilitation program to quit the habit, which he finally managed to do in 2013.

Aldi’s mother, 32-year-old Diane Rizal, recalled: “At first when we were weaning Aldi off the cigarettes he would have terrible tantrums. But now he doesn’t want them.”However, a side effect of Aldi quitting smoking was an addiction to food. Aldi developed a huge appetite and soon weighed a whooping 24kg when he was just five years old.

Aldi’s family was forced to seek advice from a nutritionist and they put him on a strict diet of vegetables and fruits. Within four years, he was able to shed the excess weight. 

Diane says her Aldi, who is now nine years old, is now focused on his school work and has in fact become a star pupil.  If the latest pictures are anything to go by, Aldi appears as fit as a fiddle. His amazing transformation could even inspire those who are struggling to quit the smoking habit.

Source: Naij

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