Brazilian Footballer Who Survived Tragic Plane Crash, Wakes up from Coma with Memory Loss

Helio Hermito Zampier Neto

Two weeks after a plane crash in Colombia killed 71 people, including 19 footballers, a Brazilian soccer player, who was one of the few survivors, woke from coma over the weekend but has no idea of what happened.

31-year-old Helio Hermito Zampier Neto, was one of the six survivors of LaMia Flight 2933 that crashed in Colombia on November 28.

Neto however has no memory of the tragic accident that happened. He and his teammates were on their way to play the championship of a South American tournament when the crash happened, and he asked about the outcome of the game when he awoke from coma.

Doctors and psychologists at the hospital are withholding information about the crash from Neto, until he is stable.


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