Cossy Orjiarkor Threatens To Release Name Of Pastor She Dated If Journalist Kemi Olunloyo Is Not Released


​Cossy has gone on her IG to threaten the popular Pastor she has labelled Mr X in the long tales she tells on social media, saying if Kemi Olunloyo spends Easter break in prison, she will CALL HIM OUT. 

Guess what? Cossy is doing no Stephanie Otobo, who says she usually gets cash in hand. Cossy says, the popular Pastor’s name appears in her statement of account, which simply means he must have been sending her money through her bank account and ofcourse by so doing, Nigerians will know who she has been pimping girls for in the past. 

Cossy was moved by a note Kemi Olunloyo sent out from prison thanking her for also soliciting for her release. She wrote;

To whom it may concern….. this really got me….i have never met this annoying lady… Never spoke to her on phone . But here she is thanking me for absolutely doing nothing…….. Am seriously moved..i wish I can perfect her bail… But why will I have to stress myself when I know you will do it… case is similar but different to hers … I can identify with her in this case…….just because I know things most people don’t know.. . Things they won’t believe…… Mr? You are a famous Nigerian Pastor…. It’s almost Easter… And if this lady remain in prison this Easter I will boldly post my statement of account…. Where your name showed… .. I don’t run an NGO…like the rest of your girls…. You did not buy the SUV as you promised. So I don’t have any obligation to keep your name secret anymore….Release her….#freemadamkoo@hnnafrica..please….. Besides… My buddy have this account password and will continue where I stopped. If harm come to me…. And if madam koo is freed I will never mention your name. Ever again..i swear… .. Even in my little gossips .. I will forever keep calm…. Thou my book will still come out. But it will focus less on you.. Thanks in anticipation. Your ex pimp… Cossy Well i don’t think anybody needs a soothsayer to tell them, who Cossy is talking about now.

IT IS WELL. Let thy Kingdom come oh Lord. But wait! Wasn’t it written in the bible that this will happen?

Source: Gistmania

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