Couple Arrested For Feeding Little Kids With Drugs and Booze Before Raping Them Just for Pleasure


​A dangerous couple who plied kids as young as 11 with hard drugs and booze before raping them for “pleasure” have been locked up, Daily Star UK reports. Nicholas Taylor, 47, subjected young boys and girls to “depraved” abuse for more than a decade to satisfy his own “sexual gratification”.

He has been banged up for 18 years after a judge found him guilty of 62 offences, including rape, supplying Class A drugs and indecency with a child. Nicholas gave a thumbs up to the judge as he delivered the verdict, saying: “Yeah, spot on.” 

His wife Joan, 44, was found guilty of 22 offences including rape and sexual activity with a child. She was jailed for 18 years at Leicester Crown Court. Sentencing them, Judge Nicholas Dean QC said:

“You [Nicholas Taylor] caused children to become addicted to drugs and you used their bodies for your pleasure.“In truth your behaviour stems from craven lack of any moral compass and your depraved appetite for drugs and sexual gratification.“You raped children. You are an intelligent man, but a monster.”

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