Couple Caught Shamelessly Performing Oral Se”x on a Public Train


sex-act-on-a-train1-440x294A couple was caught performing oral se”x in public in broad daylight. The couple was caught in the act on a train in front of fellow passengers in Melbourne, Australia.

Footage shows a man standing in front of a seated woman while clinging to the carriage wall for balance.

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As the train departs the station in Melbourne, Australia, the woman can be seen facing the man’s waist as the two prepare to get intimate with each other.

The train begins to rock as the two become more passionate in front of shocked passengers.

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Then the woman’s sunglasses fall to the floor which prompts a pause in their loving clinch.

Her gentlemen caller then politely picks up her spectacles and returns them to her as they share vulgar remarks.

Couples sexploits on Melbourne metro train is caught on camera.

She then beckons him to “come here” as though an indication that they should resume their special embrace.

However, her fella seems to misunderstand the intent and instead sits on her lap to which she says “nahhhh”.

The video was afterwards posted online by the mobile phone user which has attracted diverse comments.


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