Doctors Break Baby’s Arm During A Ceasarian Section Delivery In SA


​A mother in the South African town of Philippi in the Western Cape province is enduring a long period of anguish after her newborn baby suffered a broken arm during caesarian section delivery. 

Immediately after 36-year-old Ntombethemba Apile gave birth to her son, Anam Apile, on March 23, doctors at the Mowbray Maternity Hospital informed her of the fracture in her son’s arm and said she has to wait until April 18 for a full medical examination of the injury at a special hospital.

Apile described her distress to a local reporter: “The doctor came to me in the theatre room and told me my son’s arm had been broken. That was just it. He didn’t say anything else and they told me I would get a letter referring us to Red Cross, where my child would be examined.”
A spokesperson for Mowbray Maternity Hospital insisted that all procedures had been followed in handling Apile’s son’s injury. However, they said they are conducting further investigations into the incident.

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