FEATURED PIECE: What Wishes Couldn’t Do (Must Read)


​What wishes could not do… 

Growing up as a little child , I taught of a wish to be a magical word. A word you just speak as you declare what you want or desire to happen and it actually does happen as you have wished. But my fantasies turned to a great disappointment when I encountered this challenge, that ninety percent of my wishes did not come true in my life and the one’s that eventually  came true did not turn out as I had expected. 

The confusion and devastation of this situation caused by the disappointment left me thinking and questioning my initial “wish theorem” and I found it to be on a shaky foundation, leaving me with the option of reforming my mindset concerning wishes.

A wish is not a magical word, in fact it has nothing to do with magic. It cannot turn you into a Princess or a billionaire or even the CEO of a billion dollar company, it cannot make you own a car or a credit card, it cannot make you Queen Elizabeth or Michael Jordan or Bill Gates, it cannot make you Spiderman or Batman or Superman, neither can it make you Robin Hood or a Superhero with supernatural powers. 

Let me break it down a bit, it cannot make you a President or a Governor, it cannot give you first class grades, it cannot give you a perfect husband or wife, it cannot make you employee of the month, it cannot make you the best singer or the best writer or the best at whatever you do, it cannot feed your starving stomach or quench your thirsty tongue or cloth your naked body because it does not have the power to do so. You alone have the power to allow what goes on in your life, to make your destiny as great as you want it to be, but a wish does not have the power to be you.

You want to be a President or a Governor or the employee of the month or the CEO of a billion dollar company? Work at it! You want to make first class grades, become a billionaire, own your car, house and your credit card? Work towards it! You want to feed your starving stomach or quench your thirsty tongue? Then pant for it as the deer pants for the waters. You want a perfect husband or wife? You first become the perfect wife or husband. You want to be a Superhero with supernatural powers? Then discover the problem you were created to fix and be the solution to that problem. You want to be Queen Elizabeth or a Princess or Michael Jordan or Bill Gates? Just become the best of yourself and you will have no idea of how many people will wish to be you.

A wish is an expression of the feelings of one’s desire or hope concerning the future. Wishing means you’re alive, wishing means you’re human, wishing means hope, wishing is dreaming. So dream big, hope strong! But, don’t stop there, make your dream come true, remember ” a wish does not have the power to be you but you can do what wishes couldn’t do.”
The winning writeup for Yeshua support foundation writing competition……By Miss Duwam K.
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