Gordons: “2face Is The Only Illiterate Who Can Sing Correctly”


Nigerian entertainer, Gordons has communicated his mistake in 2face for attempting to lead the across the country dissent which was held yesterday.

In a concise meeting with GoldMyneTV, the pro entertainer said that 2face is not a legislator but rather a performer who ought to have battled the administration with his music and not a dissent.

He clarified that Legendary performers like Fela, Osayomore Joseph, Sonny Okosun battled the legislature with the devices they were utilized to.

He said “2face is my mentor when it comes to music. He is one musician I adore, Legendary to me but you cannot use a tool that you are not used to. When Fela was fighting the government, he used a tool that he was used to. Osayomore Joseph fought government and used a tool that he was used to. Sonny Okosun before he died, he used a tool he was used to. How on earth will 2face be fighting a fight that he’s not used to? 2face is not a politician, he’s a musician. If you want to lead a protest, you should lead it with music”

“How are you going to express yourself 2face when microphone is right in your face and you are asked to express your grievance and the reason why you are protesting? You can’t express yourself, it’s not your game. Do it with music you are used to. 2face is the only illiterate who can sing correctly,” he added

watch the video here:

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