Governor Aregbesola Said He Has Not Received Salary In 6 Years


Governor of Osun State, Rauf Aregbesola, made this statement while speaking at the launch of Oodua FM in Ile-Ife on Sunday. Aregbesola who became governor in November 2010, disclosed that he has not earned salary since he assumed office six years ago. He said:

“When people complain about our financial state, I begin to wonder if they think I am spending people’s money. Some of you do not know that I have not received any salary since I became governor- of Osun state, why will I take that of others,”

Mr. Aregbesola then stated that the economic crisis was not only affecting Osun state but also other states, noting “there is no free money anywhere.”

He explained that he refused to appoint commissioners because of the state’s poor financial condition saying:

“How will I have commissioners when we have no money?”
“The minority leader of Osun state House of Assembly wrote a post on Facebook complaining that I have not paid them. We don’t have the money, even the minority leader does not have a car.”

According to the pay package prepared by the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission and which became effective 2009, a state governor earns a monthly salary of N2.2 million.

However they are entitled to several other perk, including constituency allowance of N4.44 million, hardship allowance N1.11 million, leave allowance N222, 370.00, and newspaper allowance N333,555.75.



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