Heavenly Trip: Man Narrated What He Saw While In Coma


​An old man who went into coma for days has come up with interesting claims about how he went to heaven and saw his family members who had died. Daily Sun SA reports that the 83-year-old South African man, George Pitso, said when he got to heaven, he was told that it was not his time yet.

Recalling what happened to him after he fainted in February, Pitso said: “Doctors at Mamelodi Hospital told me that I was in a coma for four days. I saw many of my relatives who had died long ago. They were wearing white clothes,”Pitso said.

“A voice ordered me to return to earth and tell the people to pray to God only. But before I could return, I saw pastors from various churches and a deep hole. They told me they were there to bury me.“I was scared and confused and saw a big rock rolling towards us. I ducked and fell. At that moment I fell from the hospital bed. I was shocked to find myself surrounded by a pastor and women from church.”

He said doctors declared him healthy and he was discharged without any medicine. Health spokesman Vuyo Sabani said George spent 17 days at Mamelodi Hospital but did not say what he was suffering from.

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