Hot Lovers Turn Cars To Sex Spots In Lagos (18+ Photo)


​Ever heard of the ‘Dancing Cars’? If you visit Lagos more often at night you will lose count of them; too numerous to be counted. While sex in uncompleted buildings has been around for a long time , cases of men and women making love in cars – even though not completely new as well, appears to be gaining popularity in many parts of Nigeria today, especially in Lagos. 


After weeks of careful observation in some very popular areas of Lagos , Saturday PUNCH’s findings revealed that indeed making love inside cars has become almost a norm these days in the city. 

During a night out at a popular club around the Government Residential Area section of Ikeja, Lagos capital , recently, Punch correspondent , while leaving the premises in company of a colleague , observed how a young man and a lady engaged in a hot romance at the back seat of the vehicle parked close to their own car. Amazed at the sight , our correspondent quietly walked past, watching from a close distance as the ‘ lovers ’ took the act to another level. 

After passionately kissing each other for about three minutes , the lady , without being prompted, hopped on top of the bulky- looking guy as the young man caressed her from head to the waistline in response. While still standing and looking amazed at the scene, a middle -aged security man working at the club , who was on routine patrol to ensure that parked cars were safe, interjected.
Many more cases abound.

Source: Saturday Punch

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