Husband Abandons Wife and Three Kids to Live With His Girlfriend (Photos)

Brian Chipungu

A man identified as Brian Chipungu from Zimbabwe has allegedly absconded from his house, leaving his wife and three kids last October on the guise of travelling to Mutare for his elevator repair business.

The man’s wife, Merry Musekwa, raised the alarm following the hardship she has been enduring with the children.

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“My husband is never home; he always uses work as an excuse and when he said he is leaving for Mutare, l had a feeling he was lying.

“His girlfriend Dorothy, whom l thought he had cut ties with, calls me using private numbers telling me that I am going to suffer,” said Musekwa.

Merry Musekwa

Musekwa said that her husband’s illicit affair with Dorothy had always been a bone of contention in their marriage.

“This girl has always been a threat in my marriage but l was sure they broke up last year in August when Dorothy went to South Africa.“She used to insult me, l even got a protection order to make her stop bothering me but now that it has expired she has began again.

“It pains me that these people fail to respect me and my marriage. I heard they are renting a house in Bluffhill yet my husband claims to be in Mutare,” Musekwa lamented.

She complained that her husband is no longer responsible at home and won’t provide for the children.

“It’s really confusing when someone calls me saying that she is staying with my husband and when l confront him he calls me “insane” and “overprotective”.

“I approached lawyers because l wanted to sue them both but they said I should wait and confirm if she gets pregnant so that we use adultery damages against them.

“I am suffering right now with no money or food to provide for the family yet l hear he is renting a house for her; he has not provided anything ever since,” Musekwa stated.

Dorothy Gutsaro

Brian denied all the allegations and claimed that he is busy trying to make ends meet for his family.

“I am no longer in a relationship with Dorothy and l think I last saw her two years ago.

“My wife is crazy, she only wants to see me home, but here I am busy trying to make ends meet and provide for the family.

“The problem is that she is a liar, even when l was in a relationship with Dorothy she would claim that she has been calling her yet l will be with Dorothy’s cell phone,” he said.

H-metro reported that Dorothy, on the other hand, also denied the accusations and claimed that she has not seen Brian in years.

“That woman is crazy, I do not have time to call or talk to people like her; she must know that l haven’t seen her husband in years.

“Right now I am in Bulawayo at school, l don’t need such drama if she continues to tell you lies l will get her arrested again,” she said.


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