Kenyan Woman Drugs Driver & Conductor And Steals Their Goods Worth 3 Million Kenyan Shillings

File photo

A driver, Leonard Kipsang and his conductor, Harrison Tanui had stopped to offer a woman a ride in their lorry and had accepted a drink from her, only to wake up in a ‘strange place’.

According to Kipsang, the supposed woman had waved them down at the Southern bypass while they were on their way from Nairobi to Uganda, but they had woken up in Nandi East, after drinking from the cans of beer the woman offered them as a way of showing appreciation for the assistance they rendered her. Little did they know that the woman had drugged the drinks, which first caused them to feel dizzy and later sleep off. They had stopped at Nakuru town to get some rest, and while they slept, the woman carted away the goods they were transporting which was reportedly worth about 3 million Kenyan shillings.

Here’s what Kipsang said:

“She seemed to be a nice lady who appeared to be stranded late in the night, so I told her to hop in the track and we proceeded with the journey. I had a sip then told my conductor that I will take the rest when we reach our destination but since he was idle, he started to enjoy the drinks.” When he woke up lost and confused, he proceeded to the nearest police station where they tracked and found the lorry, but the goods were already gone by then.

According to the investigation officer, Musa Khaemba in charge of the case:

“He found his way to our station and reported the incident. Immediately, we raised the alarm and later received information that the vehicle was abandoned at a tea plantation with goods missing. The conductor was also found somewhere else while trying to trace a nearby police station and we took them to the government hospital, where heroin was noticed in their blood sample.”

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