Man Arrested By Customs For Smuggling Bags Of Rice As Corpses In Ambulance

Mr. Moses Degbogbahun

The operatives of the Nigeria Customs have arrested a suspected smuggler, Mr. Moses Degbogbahun, operating at the Badagry-Seme border after packaging smuggled rice as dead bodies.

According to the mobile patrol team leader, Chief Superintendent of Customs, Mr. Ozah, the team noticed the frequency at which the suspected ambulance was running the international route with the supposed ‘dead body.’

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They perceived something was not right owing to the rate at which he passes that route, they decided to stop the ambulance, a Volvo with number plates DV 74 EKY, for proper inspection.

The ambulance was discovered to be carrying eleven bags of imported rice that was cautiously arranged and wrapped as corpses, leading to the arrest of a suspected smuggler, Mr. Degbogbahun, who brought in the goods.

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