Man Kills Mother And Daughter On Her Birthday


​Tasharina Fluker, 42, and her daughter Janazia Myles, 25, were found dead by Monique Fluker, Tasharina’s sister, at their Lithonia home. The two had bullet wounds at the back of their heads.

Monique Fluker had reportedly been a frequent visitor to her sister’s house. She says Tasharina always insisted her Lithonia home be the centre of family activities.

On the fateful day, Monique says she had just received a grim call from a relative saying he’d tried to get into the house andfeared something was terribly wrong. Monique recalls her eyes were so badly washed with tears that she couldn’t find the house in the dark morning. She was terrified of what might have happened to Tasharina, her little sister, who had just celebrated her 42nd birthday a few hours earlier.She wailed as she drove, heading to Lithonia to find out what may have gone wrong.“I’m looking for 2659, 2659,” she inquired from a neighbour. And finally, when she got there, she heard the sound of a baby crying. But no one came to the door. So Monique and her boyfriend had to find another way.
The boyfriend smashed a window and they entered the house. On the couch was a 8-month-old Treajure Myles, sleeping alone. At the foot of the stairs was the child’s mother, who was Monique’s niece. Her bloody body lay still with a gunshot wound to the head.In the master bathroom upstairs, Moniquesaw Tasharina’s lifeless body on the floor by the toilet. She had also been shot in thehead, according to police reports.
Monique could not control her tears. It was so painful she attempted to perform CPR, but there was so much blood and her sister was clearly not breathing anymore.When the police arrived at the bloody scene, Monique, without hesitation, identified her sister’s boyfriend, Michael Thornton, as the prime suspect.The DeKalb County police then moved swiftly, arrested and charged Thornton with the murder of both Tasharina and her daughter, Myles.Monique believes Thorton killed Tasharina and her daughter becuase she broke up with him. She allegedly knew about their troubled relationship and foresaw a break-up.
The trial is still on, even as the family prepares for the burial of their beloved ones.
Source: Naij

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