Man Sets Daughter Ablaze Because She Was ‘Too Beautiful’


​Edward Herbert, a 43-year-old father, setsone of his children on fire while dousing another, a 7-year-old, in petrol. Herbert claimed he did what he did because the younger child was too beautiful. 

Herbert had poured petrol on his three-year-old in front of his partner and set her on fire. He proceeded to pour the flammable liquid on the 7-year-old child who was autistic. He had spent the day taking booze and smoking joints at his home in Perth, Australia before carrying out these terrible acts. Herbert was said to have told his partner that he was going to kill her. After that, hegot a gallon of fuel and entered his daughters’ room.
The 43-year-old man poured the fuel on his younger child and lit the fire. He did not set the second one on fire even though he tipped the petrol on her.Stephanie Bochorsky, a constable heard the commotion from her home. She was off-duty and was watching the TV when she heard the argument between Herbert and his partner. Borchorsky asked the woman if she was okay and was terrified with the response she got.”No, he’s setting the kids on fire!”.

The partner later stated in court that he was getting angry all the time and increased the joints he was smoking before the ugly incident. She revealed thathe was on it all day and got aggressive in the evening. The sad lady said she tried calming him down but he became angrierand she was scared to death.

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