Man Who Spent 17 years in Jail Due to Wrong Conviction Gets Married (Photos)


china1Huang Jiaguang was wrongly imprisoned for 17 years due to an unjust verdict ruled against him on an account that he had taken part in a murder case that happened on July 7, 1994, where a local gangster had been killed in a gang fight in a neighbouring village.

china222-year-old Huang said he was arrested three times in 1998, and after he was arrested for the third time, he simply chose to admit guilt to the crime, confessing that he committed the alleged offense leveled against him, because he could no longer bear the torture.

Huang, who had just been released from jail after serving 17 years in prison, got married to his partner in China Hainan, on Monday, October 24, 2016. See another photo below…


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