Mary J. Blige Opens Up On Her Divorce For The First Time


​For the first time since Soul singer Mary J Blige filed for divorce from her husband Kendu Issacs in 2016 , she is opening up about what went wrong in her marriage and the reasons she felt it was time to give up something that was not worth fighting for .

She made this known in interview on power 105.1 FM. She quipped;

“ Just the disrespect , you ’re too familiar and you’re way too familiar and you ’re disrespecting me and I can sense that I’ m not what you want anymore because now you start throwing questions around like , ‘why you not cooking?’ Well I haven ’t been cooking. ‘Why you don ’t wear your hair like this ?’ I’ ve never worn my hair like this before , what ’s up with you ? You start to realize this man doesn ’t want you and he’ s just gone all the time and you ’re by yourself in the relationship ,” she told the radio host Angie Martinez .

She explained her relationship as having overwhelming disrespect , and there came a time when she felt she was the only one present in her relationship which led her to start digging and what she found convinced her to move on .

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