Mortuary Attendant Takes Selfie With Corpses In Enugu (Photos)


​A Nigerian man has done what seems to be the most troubling of all acts. The man, identified by his Facebook name as Val Don-zima, has taken to his social media account to post selfie pictures of himself and corpses at a mortuary in Enugu.

(Val hanging out with corpses)

According to his facebook profile he Studied at C.S.S Ngwo Uno..lives in Enugu Ngwo, and is a native of Enugu, Nigeria. According to responses of fellow netizens to his post, one Timiebi James has this share; 

“the families of this bodies could sue him and the firm for this , as if they have not grieved enough , putting their face in public space could cause more emotional trauma to these families. this is a wrong move on his part, be proud of your job but you should be thinking about others emotions. that makes us humans and alive.”

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