Mother Of 3 Dies While Undergoing Liposuction Surgery, Husband Sues Doctors


​A woman died after undergoing a liposuction to remove fat from her arms, and her husband, Christian De Jesus Rosario-Alvarez, is now suing the clinic. Mother of three Stephanie Sanchez had chosen Pelosi Medical Center in New Jersey in February 2016 to have the procedure done. Less than a week afterwards, she started having severe pains.

Sanchez was hospitalized with a supposed “flesh eating” infection, went into septic shock and died from cardiac arrest. The lawsuit was filed by Rosario-Alvarez against doctors Marco Pelosi II and his son Marco Pelosi III, the clinic’s owners. He claims they failed to diagnose his wife’s “post-operative clinical problems”.

“It was an unfortunate complication and it can happen to anybody,” Pelosi Sr. commented. Rosario-Alvarez Sanchez was in severe pain and returned to the Pelosi Medical Office four days after the procedure. The doctors gave her an antibiotic, but no other warning or treatment.

One week afterwards, Sanchez went again to see the doctors with “unrelenting pain and tenderness and erythema”. They drained fluid from Sanchez’s upper body, and sent her home again. Sanchez felt so ill that same day that she was taken to another hospital, where she died.

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