Mum Chained Her Young Daughter to a Street Lamp Post for Missing Class – Photos


11A 30-year-old mum has been arrested for chaining her young daughter to a street lamp post as punishment for missing class. The photo shows the tearful eight-year-old child with a metal chain hooked around her ankle and tied to a large metal post.

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The youngster covered her mouth and looked on with a heartbreaking expression after being left there by her furious mother. Shocked passersby heard the little girl crying in the car park outside the family’s apartment on Wednesday afternoon.

22They tried to free her but the thick chain had been secured with two padlocks, leaving the little girl stuck for over an hour before the arrival of police.

She told cops that her mum had punished her because she failed to attend mandarin classes at school in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The girl had been locked up for around an hour before neighbours called police, who arrived around ten minutes later and tracked down the mum.

33The unemployed woman was taken in for questioning and later set free.

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