Nigerian Man And 6 U.S Citizens Sentenced To 10/5 Years In U.S Prison For Online Fraud

Funso Hassan

Nigerian man, 27-year-old Funso Hassan, of Ibadan, Oyo State who is currently facing deportation and 44-year-old Anthony Shane Jeffers, were each sentenced to 10 years in prison, for their roles in online fraud that distributed more than $40m in counterfeit checks using “mystery shopper” websites and work-from-home scams.

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Ann Louise Franzen, 70; Gary Melvin Barnard, 64; Michele Gayle Fee, 55; Tanya Lynn Thomas, 52; and Shawn Ann White, 44, were each sentenced to five years in prison. Some of them started as romance scam victims only later becoming knowing participants in the counterfeit check fraud. They defraud their victims by sending cheques with mystery shopper and personal assistant instructions.

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The cheques which were phony, would bounce after the victims transmitted proceeds to various locations in the U.S, which were then layered for transmission to Nigeria. Victims then owed their banks the amount of cheques and often hundreds of dollars in bank fees.

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