Nigerian Police officer Kills Young Man Who Came Back From Abroad Because of Bribe in Owerri (Photos)


The sad story was shared on Facebook by Cheta Igbokwe who wrote:

“Eto was killed three days ago, at NNPC Fuel Station, Control Post Owerri, Imo State. He was not attacked by robbers. He was not bombed by Boko Haram. He was not lynched by any angry mob. No! Sadly, he was killed by a certain Mike Edem, a police inspector, who shot him after a little quarrel with a Staff, shot him dead and ran away.

Eto was killed by someone who was meant to protect him, a police officer, our commended ‘friends.’ This is a sad story.

The police create more trouble for the citizens rather than protect their lives and properties. A lot of people have lost their lives through the careless handling of guns by some of these folks that call themselves the ‘police.’ Eto’s story is not even a result of an officer’s carelessness, it was borne out of a certain pride that come upon these men when they are handling guns (even the ones without bullets). They would point the gun at you, threatening to shoot you when you try to engage in an argument.

Emeka Okoro has experienced a similar nuisance in Owerri, when he raised his voice on a police officer who was trying to extort money from his driver. The officer was bent on collecting money even when he has been cleared that all the papers and vehicle particulars are complete.

You may be wondering how this high rate of indiscipline has continued to thrive in the police force. The truth is that most of the high ranking police officers are benefiting from the monies their junior staffs collect from citizens forcefully. They have even gone to the extent of creating more road blocks, making sure they continue to push their ministry higher.

When Femi Adekunle was robbed in his house, he called the police two hours before the robbers got hold of him, they (the police) promised to be on top of the situation, only to come back after six hours to take pictures of the damages. Even as I write this, no single word has been heard from them.

These officers are very quick in finding out how the citizens have faulted, they do not care to know your own view, and they opine that when they speak the case is closed. That is why someone like Mike Edem could pull the trigger on Eto, and run away.

This is a special plea to the Imo State Police Commissioner and to whom it may concern: wake up and work! Do not let Eto’s story die, just as millions of similar stories are dead and buried and forgotten”


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