OAU Laboratory Assistant Dies After Chemical Poured On Him


It was a tragic accident at the yellow house building of Obafemi Awolowo University when one of the lab assistant dies shortly after a chemical known as AMINOBENZENE also known as ANILINE poured on him at the yellow house where part one chemistry practicals often hold.
Another story said, the man was at White house which also house another laboratory for part 1 students. So the man put the chemical in his pocket on his way back to Yellow house when there was no longer space to hold them. He was said to have done this to prevent himself from going twice. On the way, the chemical leaked through the opening as he was moving and poured on him. It was after he got yellow house he realized what had just happened. The chemical entered his blood stream and was taken to the hospital after suffering serious medical issues. He died few days later. 

May his soul rest in peace!

Source: Nairaland

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