Parents Lock Son In A Cage For 30 Years, Believing He Was Possessed By Demon


​This horrific situation happened in Hepu County’s Gongguan Township, in South China. The man, now 39 yearsold, lived alone in a dark cage since the 1980s. Even though he has not been identified, his mother, a woman named Li Lianying, admitted she and her husband ‘reluctantly’ locked him away.

Apparently, the man had been suffering from a serious mental issue since he was about six years old. 

“He would run around aimlessly on the street and only learnt how to say ‘mom’ at the age of 12,”his mother said. They claimed he started acting strangely but they never thought that he could have a mental health condition that needed urgent attention.
They tried to exorcise him in order to “release the evil spirit from him”, but he only started acting more strangely, forcing them to throw him in the cage. The last time he went out was a few years ago, when he was allowed to get some exercise. Concerned neighbors recently recorded the man, where he can be seen holding onto the bars of his cage.

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