Photos: Woman Attacked By Circus Leopard While Protecting Her Godson From It in Siberia

Lyubov Yakovleva

A brave 53-year-old woman, Lyubov Yakovleva, had the flesh of her arm ripped off by a circus leopard while she was protecting her 4-year-old godson, Timofey from it.

Yakovleva was attending a circus show with her godson and his mother, Oksana Uskova, in Bogotol, Siberia where they were watching a leopard performing.

According to reports, the wild cat became  had reportedly become aggressive and was taken away by its handlers but was returned to the ring. Soon after it was brought back to the show, the wild cat lunged at Timofey who was seated on the sixth row with his mother and godmother, but Yakovleva was quick to come to the rescue.

She instantaneously crouched over her godson protectively seconds before the animal dug into her with its teeth.

Luckily her injuries were not life-threatening though she lost a lot of blood and had fainted subsequently. She is currently receiving treatment at the hospital and intends to sue the circus organizers.

Oksana Uskova with son Timofey




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