Rio Olympics: Moment Bahamian Sprinter Dives Towards The End Of The Finish Line To Win Gold Medal


bahamian1Bahamian sprinter, Shaunae Miller refused to settle for Silver medal and instead had beaten American sprinter Allyson Felix by diving belly-first for the finish line thereby winning the gold medal.

Bahamian2Allyson Fellix would have had another Olympic gold medal instead of a silver if Shaunae Miller had remained on her feet. Miller, a fantastic runner from the Bahamas, beat Felix in the women’s Olympic 400-meter sprint on Monday night, 15 August by diving for the finish line.

Miller came out of the blocks with a wide lead on Felix, but as she came close to the finish line, she appeared to run out of gas, with Felix breathing down her neck in the last few meters. So Miller dove, her torso crossing the finish line at 49.44 seconds, seven hundredths of a second before Felix’s 49.51.

bahamian3The race ended with Felix on her feet, and Miller on the ground looking spent. If Miller had stayed upright, she would have lost.

Miller said she didn’t intentionally dive at the end, she said:

“I don’t know what happened. My mind just went blank,” Miller said. “I don’t know what happened. My mind just went blank,” Miller said. “The only thing I was thinking about was the gold medal, and the next thing I know, I was on the ground.”
“I heard my mom screaming,” Miller said. “When I heard her screaming, I was like, ‘OK, I had to have won the race.’”

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