Rivers of Blood Flows in Streets of Dhaka After Heavy Rainfall During Eid (Photos)


2Photos have shown fast-moving water of blood flowing down streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh after about 100,000 animals were sacrificed for Eid celebrations in one city alone.

The streets of Dhaka were factually flowing with blood after heavy rain on the first day of Eidul Azha.

1In spite of of sporadic rain, which started on early Tuesday and continued through the first day of Eid and flooded many areas of the Bangladeshi capital, residents of the city went on to offer Eid prayers and to sacrifice animals.

Although the two city corporations had designated 504 spots in the South and 496spots in the North making it a total of 1,000 spots for slaughtering animals, people were seen slaughtering animals in the streets in many parts the city.

Most residents blamed the city corporations for not being able to relate to the people about the selected spots for sacrifice.

A resident of Shyamoli area named Tareq Ahmed told Dhaka Tribune that, “Last year the city corporations began a mass campaign to encourage people to use the designated spots and that caught our eyes. I went to a spot in Mohammadpur last year, but this year, I don’t even know where the spots actually are.”

3Residents also claimed that the incident indicated that the city corporations had failed to keep the drainage systems of the city functional.

Source: Tribune


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