SAVAGE! Female Footballer Attacks Opponent, Leaves Her Hospitalized


​Women’s football is generally considered less aggresive and more friendly than men’s football but a new development suggests that’s not the case. A top flight match in Bosnia-Herzegovina proves women matches can be just as violent.

Reports says Silvija Sekacic attacked Adnu Ljubanovic during a match between her club Zeljeznicar and Mladost. According to, Sillvija attacked her opponent in the round 13 fixture landing several punches to her victims head. By the time the attacker’s team-mates arrived on the scene, the situation had calmed down.

“What words can you use to describe this act and yet stay polite? It is enough to say this kind of behaviour has nothing to do with common sense. People like Silvija don’t belong in football and she deserves to be suspended for life,” Mladost said in a statement following the incident.

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