Scientists Launch Search For Jesus Christ’s DNA In Bid To Find His Living Relatives


​Two scientists have launched an ambitious and unprecedented project aimed at finding a living relative of Jesus Christ. George Busby, an Oxford University geneticist, and Pastor Joe Basile, a biblical scholar, have travelled to Israel and the Black Sea in their quest.

They are reportedly using the latest technology to extract the genetic makeup of John the Baptist, who is believed to be Christ’s cousin. 

The two scientists will extract the genetic makeup from several artifacts, such as the Shroud of Turin, which is said to have been used to wrap the body of Jesus, and a set of bones believed to belong to John the Baptist. 

In an article explaining their mission, Busby said: “If we find other relics purported to be from John the Baptist, or a close relative of Jesus, then we could use genetics to compare the two to see if they are likely to have come from the same or related people.”
However, Busby said they are under no illusions of immediate success in their mission because they expect significant challenges, including the degradation of DNA over time. 
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