Undergraduate Student Killed For Blasphemy Against Islam


​An undergraduate was recently killed by an angry mob of fellow students following accusations of blasphemy against Islam.

Reports gathered that the student identified as Mashal Khan, was studying Journalism in a Pakistani university located in the northern city of Mardan. 

According to the police, Khan had been attacked alongside another young man after they were accused of posting offensive content on Facebook. While the other student survived the attack, Khan was murdered in his hostel, and the school has since been shut down by authorities.

While some reports claim late Khan was shot, others say he was beaten to death with sticks and bricks. A senior police officer, Niaz Saeed, said hundreds of people tortured and killed him: “He was badly tortured after being shot at a close range… He was beaten with sticks, bricks and hands.”The students had also acted on rumours, as police claims there were no previous investigations into the students’ activities.

However, an official at the Abdul Wali Khan University, where Khan was a student, said he was hated byother students for his liberal and secular views.

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