Wife Files for Divorce after Husband Allegedly Tries to Use Her for Rituals in Oyo


indexMrs Nike Akinbile, a resident of Olunloye in Ibadan gave a testimony before the court where she was seeking divorce from her husband Mr. Femi Akinbile.

According to Mrs Akinbile:
“For the past two years now, Femi has been making frantic effort to get rich at all cost and I am his primary target for that purpose.” “Not too long ago, I was just lying on the bed, Femi thought that I had slept off, so he attempted to strike my eyelids with traditional eyeliner also known as tiro.”
“I have received several visions that he wants to use me as a sacrificial lamb for the ritual he is making and I don’t want to die now,’’ she alleged.”

Nike begged the court to dissolve their 11 year-old marriage also on that grounds also accused Femi did not care for their three children. Femi denied all the allegations and opposed the divorce because he says the children will suffer in the event of any divorce.

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He said: “Your honour, I have suffered greatly all this while to sustain the marriage. I was the one that sent her to school and made her self-employed.” “For Nike’s education, I enrolled, wrote her examinations for her as well as supervise her other academic pursuits. In order to be well balanced in life, I encouraged her to learn tailoring which is her source of livelihood today.” “As if those are not enough, I buy Nike all sorts of ladies’ make ups to make her look beautiful and good, but Nike does not use any of the things like shoes, bags, clothes, and so on. Instead, Nike always tells me that she must take them to the church for cleansing and eventually dumped them.’’

Mr Henric Agbaje, who is the court’s President, granted Nike’s request and approved the dissolution of the marriage.

The Judge said: “Well, since Nike has refused to be appeased to settling the dispute amicably, the court has no other option than to put an end to the union.” This goes to show that we should always be careful who we chose a spouse.

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