Woman, 45, Discovers Worm Buried Under Her Skin 2 Weeks After Beach Vacation


​A 45-year-old woman was recently attacked by strange parasites that are generally not known to attack humans. The unnamed lady learned about the parasitic attack two weeks after she returned to her home in Pennsylvania from a vacation in the Caribbean.

Raised and itchy mounds started developing on her skin. She initially thought it wasn’t something serious, so she ignored it. 

The medics say it was a parasitic infection known as ‘cutaneous larva migrans’, which comes from an extremely rare species that is known to infect cats and dogs. According to the experts, cutaneous larva migrans are normally caused by hookworms, either Ancylostoma braziliense or Ancylostoma caninum.

The worms reportedly thrive in warm climates. Though humans are not their natural host, the worms have the ability to bury themselves under the human skin and make their way into the large intestine, where they can lay eggs.

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