Woman ‘Accidentally Kills’ Husband after His Mistress Released Videos of Them Having S*x

Frances Hall and her husband

A 53-year-old woman, Frances Hall who discovered her millionaire husband was seeing another woman and even had intimate relations with her, has killed him.
Mrs Hall killed her husband after she reportedly got several messages from the man’s mistress and video tapes of the two having se*x.

Daily Mail reports that Mrs Hall killed her cheating millionaire husband in a road rage attack before she drove him off the road.

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Mrs Hall was jailed for just two years in September after being convicted of killing her estranged husband Bill Hall Junior in San Antonio, Texas in 2013.

Daily Mail reports that her husband’s younger lover, Bonnie Contreras, now 34, is accused of taunting Hall with the messages but insists she is ‘not a bad person’.

Ms Contreras allegedly sent the wife videos of her having s*x with Hall’s husband and pictures of hysterectomy diagrams saying Hall was broken, disgusting and not a real woman anymore, according to Hall’s attorney, Leigh Cutter.

In an emotional interview from behind bars, which is set to air on Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen on Tuesday night, Hall said she still loves her slain husband.

‘The times he was leading this secret life, he made sure I was his number one,’ she told the program.

‘I love him and he is the only man I will love this way.
‘Sometimes, I tell my kids that all that’s left of me is a shell of a woman. But I have to be there for them, they lost their father.’

The couple was married for 34 years and has two adult children. His affair with Ms Contreras lasted three years.

The taunting all came to a head when Hall saw Ms Contreras driving their family Range Rover on a stretch of Texas Highway 1604 on October 10, 2013.

Ms Contreras was being followed by Mr Hall, the owner of Bill Hall Jr. Trucking, on his custom made Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Hall did a u-turn and started to chase Ms Contreras.

In a fit of rage, she started to ram the car Ms Contreras was driving but accidentally hit and killed her husband in the process.

Hall could have been sentenced up to life in prison for the collision but a jury concluded that the woman’s ‘sudden passion’ was a justifying factor in her guilt in the death of her husband.

Her attorneys argued the wreck was an accident. She also got a two-year prison sentence for aggravated assault for hitting the vehicle driven by Ms Contreras.

Ms Contreras is reportedly suing the family for $2.5 million as a result of the alleged emotional stress from the car chase.

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